Poisoned Suspense

seemingly perfect life implodes


Beloved veterinarian Julie Wheeler’s seemingly perfect life implodes when Nicole, her husband’s gorgeous assistant, mysteriously drops off a German shepherd at Julie’s vet clinic. Nicole disappears . . . as does Julies husband, the chief prosecuting attorney for Hearthstone, WV. Julie spirals from marital bliss to jailed for murder in a day that never ends. Is Julie’s life a lie?
Will Julie survive the poison she uncovers?

Imagine James Herriot fighting crime between treating patients. Now meet Doc Wheeler and get engrossed in her adventure as she cares for pets and livestock all while unraveling the life-threatening mystery that plagues her West Virginia town. The colorful characters and patients enrich the suspense and keep you guessing. I couldn’t put it down. Hopefully we’ll be invited back to Hearthstone by Patricia Hartman for future adventures.

--Meg Taylor, WV animal lover and DVM at Highlands Vet Clinic 

Poisoned is a suspense story’s perfect blend of human struggle, crime, corruption, political intrigue and even has a touch of romance. With its fast-paced dialogue, this page-turner constantly surprises the reader with unusual twists and turns . . . Looks like Hartman has a winner.

--James W. Geiger,
Former FBI agent and prosecuting attorney and author of The Gospel According to Relativity: Constant Value in a Changing World and Christianity and the Outsider: A Lawyer Looks at Justice and Justification

POIS0NED Is Intoxicating! This suspenseful mystery is a must-read for anyone seeking a fresh thriller that captivates your imagination and keeps you guessing! Poisoned, a compelling mystery, excites and surprises as the story unveils a hidden darkness threatening the lovable characters in this peaceful town. Trust is challenged by a toxic force seeping through town while Dr. Julie Wheeler, veterinarian always on call, takes the reins. This story stimulates your mind and delights your heart, but be careful . . . you will not be able to put this book down! Patricia Hartman, please give us more of these stories!

--Anne V. Alper, Attorney
Former Assistant State Attorney, Broward County, Florida