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seemingly perfect life implodes

The Christian Prenuptial Agreement

When Patricia Hartman got married, her divorce attorney friends insisted she have a prenuptial agreement. “Christians don’t have prenups,” she said at first. But then she said, “Actually, I will have a prenup and it will say, “If you leave me or cheat on me, I
get everything.”

Of course, even that doesn’t reflect the deep and abiding commitment that we make as we vow to love, honor and cherish the one we love until death do us part.

But are we willing to put that in writing? Come and explore the written vows that we make when we marry. This book is the most complete premarital guide on the market. Don’t get married without it!

A Funny Thing Happened on My Journey to Heaven

Patricia Hartman has not always been a forensic CPA, an author
or a Christian. In fact, she’s been a bit of a rebel. Her journey has
taken her from liberal to conservative, atheist to believer, single
mom to married grandma, broke to financially stable, bus driver to
CPA, homeless to homeowner, proud to humble, lost to found,
and sinner to… well …

This book explores the walk from an atheist who’s sure that
lightning will strike when she crosses the church threshold, to a
secure and joyful adopted child of God.

So, grab a cup of coffee, a box of tissues, and head for the easy
chair as you share times of laughter, reflection and joy.



The white buck. Elegant. Seemingly harmless . . . but is he?

And Dexter Miller, the prominent Detroit philanthropist. Seemingly beneficent . . . 

The clock bonged eleven as tequila-soaked Heather Blanchard races into the black night, trying to escape her sister’s house before her dad arrives. But what she doesn’t know is that a menacing white buck is awaiting her on the dark, winding West Virginia backroad, trapping her in the ultimate wrong-place/wrong-time vortex that won’t let her go. 

Will her nightmare ever end?

If you loved the page-turning suspense of Poisoned, hold on—Drugged is a roller coaster on steroids.